Pedro Américo

“As a synthesis, a historical painting should be based on the truth, and replicate the essential sides of the fact; as an analysis, it should be based on a vast number of rationales that stem both from the weighing of plausible and probable circumstances, as well as a knowledge of the rules and conventions of art. Reality inspires, as oppose to enslave the painter. He is inspired by that which it holds worthy of public contemplation, but not enslaved by what it conceals against the designs of art, which often coincides with the designs of history.” Pedro Américo.
Reference: “The Cry of Ipiranga or The Proclamation of Independence of Brazil. A few words on the historical event and the celebratory painting by Doctor Pedro Américo de Figueiredo”, Florence, Tipografia Arte della Stampa, 1888. São Paulo University Paulista Museum Collection. BY Solange Lima.





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