Monster Poem

Monster Poem

WITH WalySalomão, Jards Macalé, Aretha Sadick, Grupo Ultra, Kabila Aruanda, Lina Bo Bardi, Oscar Niemeyer BY Cláudio Bueno

nothing that approaches nothing is alien to me
tom dick and harry
be stone be plant be animal human be
I cross time cross spacebreak
future, present and past
modern baroque life is but smoke

I turn shake turn in the palm of my hand the die
put on a fight watch a war and never mortify
I want to believe what’s coming dark way
I’m deluded past present future I pray

invisible I want to be on my own
no rule no people alone
allegoric monster independent contradictory
lonelyhowever with youI live
concrete like a living being

I talk talktalktalk
oral verbal pleasure to feel it all
the golden key to my game
a match that lights the flame of my utmost reason
monumental passion ‘though abyssal vertigo

I jump run jump again slide, I go on living
survive and sing in corners supporting
theoriginal,generaland enriched desire.

The main reference for thisPoemaMonstro(Monster Poem) is WalySalomãoandJardsMacalé, inOlho de Lince (A Lynx’s Eyes):





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