Thursday, September 15. | 8pm – 9.30pm.


Communal Area Sesc Ipiranga

The circuit starts with performers Jerônimo Bittencourt and Danielli Mendes, who, along with the audience, will try out furniture designed by O grupo inteiro for the Parkour at the Professora Maria do Carmo César Bevilaqua Communal Living Centre for Seniors. They will continue through SESC’s outdoor areas and conclude the circuit by trying out different ways to use their bodies by The Rig, one of the pieces in the exhibition. At this point, there will be a chat about notions of communal living with O grupo inteiro, Elizabeth Wright, Anthony Davies, Bruno Moreschi, the SESC team and the audience. Communal Area. All ages. Free. Simultaneous translation will be available for this session.





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