“Contradictions in themselves, mixtures and time reveal themselves to be, like my soul, hazy, variable, undulating, hued, Aquitaine. My soul, mixtures and time can’t express themselves through nouns, too stable, nor adjectives, too juxtaposed, but describe themselves more precisely through the assortment of their prepositions: before and after building the viscous fluidity, with and without the hesitant divisions, on and under the true and false subject, for and against the violent passions, behind and before the lax hypocrisies and the brave loyalties, in and out the bodily and theoretical, social and professional claustrophobias, between and beyond the metaphysical vocation of the herald archangel, to and from my travelling furore, a fine topology that best expresses places and proximities, ruptures and continuances, accumulations and rarities, positions and sites, flows and evolutions, the liquidity of solvents and solutes.”
Source: Michel Serres. Le Tiers-Instruit (The Instructed Third), Instituto Piaget Publishing, Lisbon, 1991.p.140





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