N.U (Na.Unha) WITH Aretha Sadick

Performer artist Aretha Saddick questions the rules of occupation of the city spaces and of the prepositions in the Portuguese language ,in this fragment of her performance "N.U. (Na.Unha)” for the project Fields of Prepositions - Sesc Ipiranga with O grupo inteiro (15 / 09 - 04/12/2016): "In the places of conviviality, building, courtyard, house, city, ramp, street, boteco (bar), boulevard. Who occupies them? In such areas of occupation and free relationship, between quotation marks, that is, exchange. Who defines when, where and how? Field of preposition. "





Fields of Prepositions
Sesc Ipiranga

from september 15th
to december 4th, 2016

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from September 15th to December 4th, 2016
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