Enrico Rocha

The artist Enrico Rocha reflects on the notions of neighborhood, as part of the sound installation Aparelhagem [Rig] of the project Fields of Prepositions - Sesc Ipiranga, by O grupo inteiro (15/09 - 12/04/2016).

"In a neighborhood relation, you negotiate what is common. The proximities as well as the necessary distances ... It is good to think that a good neighborhood politics must start from reciprocal relations. It is good to believe that between war and the colonizing diplomacy, there are other possible relations of neighborhood, at any scale. Livig together, speaking with, trating, compromising. There are several fundamental actions for the common life that we do not do alone. The neighborhood relations are woven by actions such as these. So, it is necessary disposition and disponibility (willingness) to combine actions with this assumption of the existence of the other. "





Fields of Prepositions
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to december 4th, 2016

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