Devastation BY Kabila Aruanda

The artist, thinker and babalorixá Kabila Aruanda proposes a brief reflection on the territory of devastation that we are currently living in. A devastation inside and outside, of each individual, a social, political, economic and natural resource devastation: "In this territory of devastation, we have two very clear choices: to live of hope, to hope that something, preferably other than me, will happen and lead me to another stage, in my life, in my existence. Or, to empower myself in the time of the now and to be me the agent. I transforming what is inside and what is outside. A territory of devastation is not a destroyed territory. A territory of devastation is a territory that must and can be restored in the time of the now. It integrates the sound installation "Aparelhagem" [Rig] of Fields of Prepositions - Sesc Ipiranga, by O grupo inteiro (15/09 -12/04/2016).





Fields of Prepositions
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